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Pet Therapy 



Choupinette is my 3-year-old Maltipoo therapy dog who embodies the 'Magic Combination' of Maltese affection and Poodle smarts.  She has an enthusiastic zest for adventure and playtime as well as a sensitivity to nurture and snuggle on a lap or nestle alongside someone in bed.  

"Mon petit chou" is a French expression meaning "My little cabbage"; Choupinette is the feminine diminutive form. Though at 9 pounds, 'Brussel Sprout' might be more appropriate!

Together we are a Magic Combination with her endearing personality and my experience as a mother and teacher to be

an effective active listener.  Young, struggling readers will find sympathetic and non-judgmental ears from both of us.


We are available in homes, assisted living, hospitals, libraries or wherever requested.   

Follow Choupinette's life with The Scoop on Choupe button.

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